The all knowing Genie.

If you're ever bored and need to kill some time then this site might catch your interest. the URL is and it's quite the interesting site. To make things simple it's basically a game of 20 questions and the Genie, Akinator, has to figure out the fictional or non-fictional character that you're thinking of. It seems like it would get boring after a while but when I tried it, time started flying by like nothing. What really hooked me was how it guess my characters with ease. At first I had some character in mind that I thought he would never have guessed but it seems that I've underestimated this mind reading genie.

What really amazes me is that sometimes the question he would ask would hold no relation to the person you're thinking of but when he gives his guess, he would guess the right character. Also, if you're trying to pull a fast one over him like answering "no" to all his question, his guess would be "Someone who pressed no to all question just to see what would happen." When I saw that, it amused me greatly.

If you want to figure out ways to really stump Akinator, you should try thinking of obscure characters or characters who share a lot of similarities with other characters. When I tried to beat him I thought of different Pokémon. Also, I tried thinking of some of my friends since they couldn't possibly be in his database. Although they weren't in the database, he did guess "a dear friend" or "a good friend" so he still technically guessed right.

When you finish the round with him he asks you if he's right or wrong. If he's right, he smiles with glee but if he's wrong he asks you for who it really was. When you type in who it really is, it'll help him guess that character if someone else ever thinks of that same character.

All in all, it's a really fun site and you should check it out. It might surprise you how many times he'll guess who you're thinking of.


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